"Mr. Rubin,
From the first moment of my first harmonica lesson with you, my understanding of music, of the harmonica and my playing skills have continued to grow and improve. At my first lesson, being able to get anything out of the 2 draw was just a dream. I came to you at a stand still, not able to get past just a few basic skills and I remember the great joy I experienced when, at the end of my first lesson with you, I left not only being able to get the 2 draw out, but I was also bending notes! Bending notes!!!! Wow, that skill opening up is incredible, especially for “The Blues” .Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are not only teaching me so much about playing the harmonica, you are also opening up the world of music for me. I never realized learning music and learning to play the harmonica could be so much fun! Each lesson is a great journey into music!"


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