"What I learned from Michael Rubin was to express myself using the techniques he taught me and he helped me to be a better harmonica player. He taught me not only to play harmonica but also taught me how to incorporate it into other music and with other musicians. He treated me like a professional and believed in me."

Devora, mom to Shoshana says,

"Michael Rubin is a passionate and dedicated musician. He blended specific harmonica techniques with the bigger picture of being a musician and then an even bigger vision of living life fully. He regularly made analogies that empowered my daughter to find inner strength and resolve in all areas of her life through the lens of music. Practice, dedication, belief in oneself, overcoming challenge, working in harmony with others... I am grateful for Michael's kindness and support of my daughter during these formative years.He has made a lifelong impression on her and our whole family."


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