• Al
    "I've been taking lessons a year and 2 months. I started playing in my early 20's by ear. I've been playing in church all these years. Some I've learned from books but it always seemed I was missing something such as how to get certain effects. A buddy of mine at church suggested it would be good to take theory on harmonica. It's been the best thing someone has told me in a long time. I can tell the difference and people are telling me they can hear the difference. My friend who referred me is a professional musician and he told me he can hear the difference."
  • Ken
    "I first met Michael Rubin through a beginner's harmonica class he taught at UT. After that I continued with private lessons. Michael’s extensive knowledge of the history of the harmonica and his ability to play chromatic, diatonic, bass and other harps continues to amaze me. Michael knows music theory forwards and backwards and fortunately is patient with students(me) who are slow to grasp it at times. I have seen more than one occasion where other professional harp players have called on Michael to explain some music theory for a workshop they were teaching.

    I often play with the radio while driving and I have enjoyed jamming with my son on guitar. The blues is now my favorite type of music.
    I would highly recommend Michel Rubin to harp players of any skill level."
  • TinLizzie
    "Michael Rubin is a wonderful person and a gifted teacher who happens to focus on teaching harmonica. He is organized, articulate, capable, one of the smartest people I know, and one of the kindest, gentlest, and most humane teachers -- of any subject -- that I have ever met or had the pleasure of working with.

    People often come up to me at open jams and ask, "Do you teach?" I don't. Rubin does, and I would and do recommend him to anyone."
  • Mark
    "Having played piano my entire life, I had never strayed away from the written page. With a desire to explore improvisation, I picked up the harmonica a half a year before beginning my lessons with Michael and brought myself to the point where I could play jazz standards on it, but again, just from reading music. With no idea of how to even approach improvisation, I was fortunate to receive a recommendation to take lessons from Michael over Skype.

    I must admit I was a bit apprehensive before my first lesson, but within 5 minutes, Michael had a way of making me completely forgot that I was not actually in the same room with him. Now, a little over a half a year later, I am at a point where my music theory and improvisation knowledge is just beginning to become dangerous. I’ve enjoyed recently sitting in on a couple of jam sessions and am connecting with a jazz guitarist to see where our collaboration may take us. The music theory learning curve during this time period has been steep - familiarity with all 12 keys, the 7 scale modes, and the 12 bar blues progression is just the beginning. Michael has a way of pacing his lessons so that you are always challenged but not overwhelmed. If you had told me I’d be where I am today when I started a 6 months ago, I wouldn’t have believed it. I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with Michael and look forward to continued advancement under his tutelage."
  • Ben
    "When I was younger I wasted loads of my parents' money and my own time sitting in classes where the teacher didn't care if I learned anything. Michael is the exact opposite. He wants you to learn and enjoy the harmonica as much as he does. You won't find a more patient instructor either. He answered all of my dumb questions, so I know he will answer yours."

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