• Vyasan
    "I have been taking harmonica lessons from Rubin for over 8 months and I have to say that I end up learning more than just the harmonica at every session. The lessons go by a pace comfortable to me and I learn something new and interesting if I haven't built on what I was taught the previous time. He observes my playing very carefully which is important while learning the harmonica because there's so much technique involved. I've gained from every penny I've spent. Thank you, Rubin."
  • Sean
    "I have found Michael's teaching style perfectly matches my optimal learning style - a healthy foundation of theory balanced with lots of hands-on practice illustrating the concepts we're working on. Like a good martial arts teacher, Michael starts with foundation skills and concepts and expands and builds on those while constantly returning to strengthen and widen those fundamental elements. He's patient and calm and I really value the opportunity I have to learn from him."
  • Janet
    “When I moved to Austin, I decided to indulge myself with a long time goal – learning to play harmonica. I was fortunate to find Michael Rubin, one of the best harmonica teachers available! We started with the very basics – I needed to learn to read music, scales and chords. Michael has infinite patience and teaches all skill levels – from children to professional musicians. Since I travel frequently, we did many of our lessons on Skype which was just as effective as meeting in person. It’s very inspiring to find a professional musician like Michael that is willing to invest time in helping others to learn to play.”
  • Marshall
    "What started out as a whim when I signed up for an intro to harmonica class at UT has become a lifelong interest due to Michael’s excellent instruction and passion. Michael is a professional; a harp master. He teaches just the right amount of musical theory and technique balanced with a love for playing, especially the blues. While I still have a ways to go, I leave every lesson energized and excited to play on!"
  • Ellen
    "Living in Belgium, it was a bit difficult for me to find an English speaking harmonica teacher. Luckily, I was introduced to Michael who was happy to give lessons over Skype. Even with the time difference, we were able to work out acceptable times for lessons. His style of teaching works very well over the internet and I really felt as though there wasn't an ocean between us. I came very far very quickly and I look forward to continuing!"
  • Mike
    "I am a university professor who was looking for a new hobby. Michael has introduced me to the world of the harmonica, and I can now begin to accompany my daughter as she plays mandolin. He is a pretty innovative instructor and even came up with some new techniques to help me with my timing."
  • Kirsche, Atticus and Oliver
    "Michael Rubin taught both of my sons for one semester when they were home schooled and his work with them during that short time period opened up new worlds of musical ability and exploration that have been continuously ongoing ever since! He introduced the younger one to the scales on the keyboard and ukelele in a way that was efficient, clear, concise and yet still playful and engaging. He helped my older son, who already had years of classical training on cello and was self teaching himself guitar, to learn to feel comfortable improvising, composing and jamming with other musicians. I especially loved how Rubin could give my son both the academic music theorist's perspective AND the down and dirty musician on the streets version of playing with others."
  • Mike
    "I completely love my harmonica lessons with Michael Rubin.

    I love his passion for the instrument. The passion is evident in his voice, his body when he plays, his respect for the music and for the history of the harmonica. His passion is contagious.

    I love his knowledge of the instrument. He teaches the history of the instrument, how it is made, how it came to be made, the mechanics of what is happening when the instrument is used. He teaches the history of those who have opened the doorways to today, the past greats who added this or that to the bundle of knowledge and his wisdom that is today’s modern harmonica playing.

    I love his teaching of the theory of music. I took piano lessons for over a decade, and guitar lessons after that for a number of years, and have learned more music theory from Michael than I learned from all the other teachers combined.

    I love his textbook. I meandered through several harmonica books before I got to Michael’s book; his is easily the best, the most complete and the most accessible.

    Mostly though I love that Michael is teaching me to play the harmonica. It truly is a pocket instrument and under his guidance I have made great strides towards my harmonica goals."
  • Mackie
    "When I approached Michael about lessons, he asked me the question, “Do you want to learn how to play blues harmonica, or do you want to learn how to be a musician?” Initially, I did not fully understand the magnitude of the question. But I said, “Both”! After taking about six lessons from Michael, I understood what he meant.

    Michael teaches you the RIGHT way! Yes, he teaches you how to play blues harp, but he teaches you the music theory behind it. Most blues harp players have very little understanding of music theory and yet it is customary for other kinds of musicians to learn music theory prior to learning how to play their instrument. So why is learning to play harmonica any different? Because of Michael, when I meet or play with other musicians, I understand them and am able to communicate with them in a professional dialogue. I am taken more seriously as a musician and not as a “typical” harmonica player.

    Michael is a multi-instrumentalist that knows how to teach! He is an incredible diatonic and chromatic harmonica player, who is patient, knowledgeable and has an organized system on teaching you how to play the harmonica from beginner to professional level. After taking lessons from about five different teachers, I highly recommend Michael! Then all you will need is passion, discipline and effort to get to the next level!"

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